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Author: Vivian_Rose
Time: 7 month ago

Have you ever watch the tv drama such as To the beautiful you, Sungkyunkwan scandal, You’re beautiful, Coffee prince and the other drama of a girl that dress up and acted like a boy? Whatever the storyline is, did it ever make a sense when that kind of thing really happen in our real life? How can a girl entered an all-boy school and how can she change her identity from a girl to a boy that easily? So, to make it easy, let us just think for this sentences ‘MONEY MAKE EVERYTHING’. Simple right? I telling u guys bout this because im going to make a story bout a gender bender too. Hope you guys enjoyed. ;) ForewordCHARACTERPark Jiyeon/Park Hyojin-16 years old.-live with her father in New York but then moved alone to Seoul.-pretend as a boy named Park hyojin as he want to fulllfill her late brother wish.-Good in playing basketball.-someone who cant let her enemies step on her.-Had a sad past love story with Kim Myungsoo. # I is a manga lover,, i used this pic to describe Hyojin.. Wakakaka.. H0pe u dont mind... #i know that he good in basketball.. he is my manly man :*Xi Luhan-17 years old.-School in Seoul International School.-He was the famous student of the school.-Got no family since small. Live with Baekhyun’s Family.-The captain of Basketball team. #ma baddass boy.. Its ok,, still love you..Kim Myungsoo-17 years old.-School in Teitan High school.-He actually was Jiyeon’s first love when he stayed in New York but breakup when he gotta moved to Korea.-Big enemy of Seoul international Achool.-The leader of their school basketball team.-Bestfriend with Hoya and Woohyun. Son Naeun-17 years old.-School in Seoul International School.-She had a crush on Luhan-She then had a crush on Hyojin.-Bestfriend with Eunji and Bomi.-Hate Jiyeon. FOREWORD “Dad already leave?” I ask without facing her.“Yes miss. Since he will be in oversea for 3 month, he left some money for you.” She spoke out but I just stay silent.“Get ready a car for me.” I said as I took out a piece f file.-SEOUL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL-“Are you seriously going to do this?” she ask and im take a deep breath before nodded. #Hi guys, this is my only story which I really2 wanna shared with you guys. Ok, I want to clear a things up. When I mention JIYEON, its mean she is a girl. But, when I mention PARK HYOJIN, its mean Cinderella who pretend to be a boy. Ok, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and keep giving me support to writing this story ok.. l0ve u guys. #Naeun for the bad character isn’t because I hate her but it just one of my friend suggestion.. *got shot by pink panda…#My grammer is bad as hell, so,, hope u guys comfortable with it.. *Grinned :D